Analysis of Consumerism Lifestyle of Japanese Fashion Users in Indonesia


The number of Japanese fashion user in Indonesia is increasing, and so does the consumerism lifestyle level in the country. The increasing number of people with consumerism lifestyle is influenced by a lot of factors including fashion. The purpose of this research is to know the connection between the development of Japanese fashion and consumerism in Indonesia. The method used by the author was qualitative method. To get data, author used questionnaire, with members of Komunitas Harajuku dan Cosplay Indonesia (or Indonesia Harajuku and Cosplay Community) as respondents. The analysis that had been done by the author was comparing between respondents’ income, cost, and professions; those who are Japanese fashion users. The author also did some researches about the respondents’ consumerism behavior from the method they use to buy Japanese fashion goods and their satisfaction degrees about what they already had now. The result of author’s research is there’s a connection between Japanese fashion development and consumerism in Indonesia, especially on Komunitas Harajuku dan Cosplay Indonesia. At least 30 respondents who use Japanese fashion style indicated with consumerism life style, based on respondents’ answers compared with some professionals’ theories about consumerism, for example McGregor’s theory (2003).


Key Words: Consumerism, Fashion, Japan, Japanese Fashion, Lifestyle

Yessi Wijayanti