Kebijakan Womanomics Dalam Pemerintahan Perdana Menteri Abe


Altough Japan’s Woman are on par with their male counterparts in educational achievement, Japan ranks 105th in gender equality out of 142 countries and territories according to the World Economic Forum’s 2014. Global Gender Gap Report. The country;s Achiles’ heel is as low rate of female participation in the workforce, as society puts pressure on women to marry and become homemakers.However, the working mothres profiled here are challenging the country;s infamous gender stereotypes and share a resilience and belief that they can work,regardless of their status as parents. Better still, they can be viewed as important role models for prime minister Shinzo Abe womenomics economic growth strategy. In this paper I would like to analyze the participation of woman in workforce from the perspective of womennomics policy through womenomics description and analysis methodology. At the end, I conclude that womenomics policy has encourage participantion of Japanese Women in the workforce.

Keywords : Womanomics, Economic, Social, Women, Policy

Artikel ini ditulis oleh Sri Dewi Andriani S.S, M.Si dan telah dipresentasikan pada Simposium ASJI 2015, yang diselenggarakan di Universitas Airlangga pada tanggal 28 November 2015.