The Meaning of Yakuwarigo by Kinsui Satoshi and its Application in Japanese Comics and The Opinions from Japanese Society in Jakarta

Yakuwarigo have a brief understanding of the type of language that is taken from a fictional litterature, which is typically associated with a particular character in the fictional litterature. The use of Yakuwarigo or Role Language, commonly found in Japanese comics. Yakuwarigo is not the same as standard Japanese language that use in everyday conversation, because Yakuwarigo is artificial and its only used in fictional litterature. The purpose of this research that the author wants to prove the use of Yakuwarigo, especially Roujingo and Hakasego are only found in fictional literature and rarely used in Japanese everyday conversation. Moreover, the author would like to warn Japanese language learners not to easily believe and use in everyday conversation the language that contained in fictional literature especially in comics. Because in facts, the language that used in comics is not all used in everyday conversation. This research is a descriptive analytical study using literature methods and qualitative and quantitative data.

Keywords: Yakuwarigo, Roujingo, Hakasego, Fiction, Comic, Questionnaire

Artikel ini ditulis oleh Dhaniar Asmarani, S.S, M.Si dan telah dipresentasikan pada simposium ASJI 2015, pada tanggal 28 November 2015 di Universitas Airlangga.