We are entering the Industry 4.0 era, New innovation introduced to human life to make human life became much easier. But there is also disruptive technology that threat human jobs. While the increase growth of Japanese investment in Indonesia, have given opportunities for Indonesian people who had knowledge in Japanese Language, Culture, and various hard skill to enter Japanese Industry. It is necessary to master the Japanese language, knowledge about Japanese Culture, and various skills. To meet this need, the Faculty of Humanities at BINUS UNIVERSITY has been offering the Japanese undergraduate Study Program since 2001. Graduates of the Japanese Study Program at BINUS UNIVERSITY will have Japanese knowledge, language skills, various hard and soft skill, and good attitudes that can be applied after completing their study.

The Japanese Study Program curriculum provides language skills consisting of competence in speaking, listening, reading, and writing, which enables the students to adapt to situations when dealing with Japanese people. Besides, they will also know of Japanese studies such as culture, ethics, community, and history. In order to get a job soon or to set up their own business after graduating, graduate students are provided with practical knowledge of Japanese business and management, Japanese business culture, as well as knowledge of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the students are also equipped with Japanese computer skills and information technology so that they will be able to communicate more efficiently in the modern world.

Graduates of the Japanese Study Program will have high-level analytical skills if they wish to continue their education or to work in fields such as business, manufacturing industry, services, tourism, or communication. The professions that graduates could consider are Japanese speaker, translator, interpreter, public relations officer, secretaries, researchers or entrepreneurs.

There is also Minor and Free Elective program which student can explore their interest. Developed their abilities, and apply it on their work. Student will have access to various subject in Computer Science, Design, Hospitality, and many more.

Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF), Catalog 2019 (PDF), Catalog 2020 (PDF), Catalog 2021 (PDF).