Exchange Programs

Testimonials from Students Participating

in 1 year Kyoto Nihongo Center Study Abroad Program


It feels so different to directly experience studying in Japan. In Indonesia we can always use our mother tongue, so we cannot maximize the Japanese lesson we already got, but here we are forced to use what we know. We have to keep learning, even outside the formal study time.

Living in Japan is really really out of my expectation. Everything imagined before arriving in Japan is totally different with what I feel after living here. Of course, there are good and exciting times, and it’s true that Japan is a beautiful country and far from boring. But some things are totally unexpected. Difference in language and difference in culture become the main problem in living here. Sometimes, what we have in mind can’t be expressed because we don’t know how to say it, having so little of Japanese glossary that we know. At school, we also meet many friends from different countries. Because of the different languages, the thing that unites us is Japanese language. In here we are expected to keep learning Japanese even when we are hanging out with friends. The point is, this program is truly dedicated to learn far more about Japan and its language, because if we don’t do that, we will be left behind and turn anti-social… ^o^


During my stay here in Kyoto, there are so many things to learn. Not only the language, but also learning the culture first-hand. Besides all those knowledge, I also get many new friends from foreign countries who’s also studying at Nihongo Center, Kyoto. I’m becoming more skillful with my Japanese language I’ve learned before, and I can feel there’s a huge improvement in it.

Living here, at first it will always feel hard because it’s far from what we have in Indonesia, but sooner or later we will get used to the atmosphere here. Troubles will always be there, but if we keep trying then everything will be overcame, and of course people around us will also be proud of what we have achieved. Never give up and keep trying is the best keyword to overcome all the obstacles. Minna Ganbarimashou ^^